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Docs discussion

PostPosted: 1:01am, Fri 25 May, 2007
by SaWey

Is there a place to discuss the organisation of the Docs?
If not, I will start here :)

I have translated some parts of the documentation to Dutch and I added a link at the main page (/Documentation).
I don't now if that was the correct place to add the link?

I would like to clone the docs in Dutch in the future.
Should I continue like this or do you have another way of doing this?


PostPosted: 1:11am, Fri 25 May, 2007
by H2B2
Excellent initiative! You could perhaps contact Yan, who seems to have set up the bulk of the english documentation:

PostPosted: 1:26am, Fri 25 May, 2007
by SaWey

I sent him an email with some questions.