Why are topic ID's of forum threads being changed?

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Why are topic ID's of forum threads being changed?

Postby H2B2 » 2:48pm, Thu 31 May, 2007

I recently discovered a post with a link that referred to another thread than it originally referred to.
I don't know why this happened, nor whether this is caused by human error or something else. The problem of course is that if this were not an isolated case, the use of links to refer to other forum threads (and posts?) would become useless.
See: http://forums.phplist.com/viewtopic.php?t=9306

Besides the increased occurence of posts with links that refer to deleted forum threads and posts, this is an additional worry, and I hope an unfounded one.
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Postby Dragonrider » 7:36pm, Thu 31 May, 2007

I wonder if this could, and it is only a guess, but could it be down to the number of ***SPAM***, drug and other such crap posts flooding the forum, being deleted and thus later posts taking the post numbers from the deleted (***SPAM***) threads?
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Postby H2B2 » 1:07am, Fri 01 Jun, 2007

I hope that's not the case, as this would imply that all links within the forum system could be affected. I'm not familiar with the inner workings of phpbb2, but one would expect that posts or threads can be deleted without changing the ID's of other threads.
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Postby Hernol » 9:13pm, Fri 01 Jun, 2007

Mm, nice finding. This could be caused by databases not well syncro. I'll add a mantis issue about this, thanks.
Here http://mantis.phplist.com/view.php?id=10172
Add comments to it if you feel like or has something else to say. Let's keep track of it in mantis.

Many thanks.
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Postby Totto » 5:25pm, Sun 15 Jul, 2007

Is there anything new with this?
I had a list of bookmarks with some phplist tips and solutions some time ago, some of them even solutions of myself I was giving link to on new topics on the same problems when I was more engaged with the phplist project about an year and a few months ago. Now opening them gets me to unexisting topics, so it seems they've been lost. They have the same URLs types as the current ones with id's of about 4xxx for example.
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