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IRC channel for PHPList

PostPosted: 2:02pm, Mon 18 Jun, 2007
by Marty

Does anyone know if there is an IRC channel for PHPlist (eg #phplist) where experienced people hang out, similar to channels for some other popular php applications? I didn't see anything on freenode or efnet...

Anyone know of a server/channel?


PostPosted: 11:18pm, Thu 28 Jun, 2007
by Marty
That's where forums are useful. IRC is more limited but "instant" - if you're lucky. I certainly wouldn't suggest IRC instead of forums!

Instant answers are often useful because - apart from speed - you can (if you are lucky) get answers to your questions while you are in the midst of configuring your system - ie while you have everything in your head. You don't have to "get back up to speed" again in regard to where you were previously at in your customisation. Of course IRC is only useful if there is a critical mass of knowledgable/developers who lurk on it.

phpbb has an IRC channel - it helped me a lot when I was customising my setup.

PostPosted: 12:10am, Thu 07 Feb, 2008
by katkat9
I agree with Marty. It would be good to have an IRC chanel for phplist. Searching through the forums for answers has been frustrating. The forum is bloated and slow.

On IRC at least you can get instantaneous advice on where to look even links to threads.

So who's going to start one?:)

PostPosted: 7:46pm, Thu 22 May, 2008
by Sean_Bissell
Hey I'm new to this forum, but I couldn't help stopping by this thread.

I totally forgot about IRC!

I remember when it used to be cool to hang out on there :)

Honestly I forgot it even existed.

I do think that Forums have kind of taken over.

IRC was always kind of a random chance thing, if you were lucky you'd be online at the same time as someone else. Or you'd have to schedule it in advance.

Forums are nice in the fact that it's kind of like a "set-it-and-forget-it" kind of thing.

You can post and walk away, check later and you may have gotten your answer.

Also with IRC it gets noisy with all the chatter going on.

Forums are much more organized, by topic, subject, etc.

Anyhow, that's my IRC rant.

But I do agree that a combo of the two would and could be cool.

Good idea!

Re: IRC channel for PHPList

PostPosted: 1:23pm, Wed 07 Apr, 2010
by brandonc503
heya , i just checked channel phplist and nothing there.. i guess ill keep it open incase someone drops in

Re: IRC channel for PHPList

PostPosted: 5:30pm, Fri 04 Jun, 2010
by Jan
I vote for #phplist on freenode.

Re: IRC channel for PHPList

PostPosted: 11:19pm, Sun 05 Dec, 2010
by luuuciano
Jan wrote:I vote for #phplist on freenode.


Re: IRC channel for PHPList

PostPosted: 6:00pm, Sun 09 Jan, 2011
by Jaac
Jan wrote:I vote for #phplist on freenode.

I second that. Searched for the irc channel for quite some time :/