phplist forked?

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phplist forked?

Postby bevan » 6:03am, Thu 30 Aug, 2007

Someone has forked phplist at See also

I haven't yet spoken with them, but as far as I can tell the only motivation for the fork was that there were too many changes to merge back into trunk. If that's the case, then that's a real shame. The changes seem like they would be beneficial.

Does anyone know about this fork? Or has anyone communicated with the forker that maybe knows a bit more about it?
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Postby Totto » 2:41pm, Sun 16 Sep, 2007

It doesn't seem to be active to me. Registered 9 months ago and the last SVN changes done 8 months ago. No released version (the promised at December 1st, 2006 version 0.1). And just one man behind the project according to SourceForge info.
That guy seems to have had some promissing ideas according to his roadmap:
- Smarty templates integration
- XHTML Strict output
- an AJAX layer
- multi-instance - don't know why this would be needed?
- use-case based users profile management - can't imagine what this would bi like?
But the first 3 are a good step.

Have you contacted that guy already?
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