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Sending rate limits of web hosts

PostPosted: 5:26am, Wed 31 Oct, 2007
by kaon
Hi all,

What are some web hosts with high mail sending rate limits?

Do I have to go with dedicated plans?
The price jump from $8/mth shared host plans to dedicated is pretty large...

I am with LunarPages, and although their published limit is 600 per hour, their true safe limit is more in the region of 250 per hour, for some unknown reason, sending above 250 or so still causes my account to get red-flagged and shut down. So I send at 200 per hour, and it takes about 1 week to get through my mail run. And this is too long for my application, due to time-sensitive promotions. I use a cronjob to process queue every half hour, and I separate consecutive messages by a few seconds each, to spread the load smoothly.