What to use when you've outgrown PHPlist?

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What to use when you've outgrown PHPlist?

Postby jhague » 10:26am, Thu 17 Jan, 2008

My software company has been using PHPlist extensively for 18 months. We think it is a brilliant product but we have got to the stage where our business requirements have outgrown PHPlist's email newsletter capabilities. We require more of a full email campaign suite.

Here is what we need to be able to do in our email campaigns -

1. User downloads our software and enters in their name and email. User starts a 14 day trial of our software. We need to be able to send them 6 different emails in sequence (informative emails about our software feature set) during different days in their 14 day trial (i.e. email 1 on day 1, email 2 on day 3, email 3 on day 5 etc). We need to track how effective these emails are (how many are opened, by whom, click-tracking etc).

2. If the user purchases our software, we need to be able to update our database so that they receive customer emails about the product at certain times from their date of purchase.

3. If the user hasn't purchased our software and they have finished their 14 day trial, they can continue to use our software in 'free mode'. We need to be able to send them certain emails which offer them deals on upgrading their free version to the paid version of our product.

That is it in a nut-shell. We also require email newsletter type stuff which PHPlist is great at. Can anyone recommend a suitable PHP driven email campaign platform (like PHPlist) that would meet our needs? Ideally, it would be great to be able to install the platform on our LAMP server like we have done with PHPlist.

Thanks in advance!

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Postby marcool » 12:18am, Mon 28 Jan, 2008


I've been working some time with Neolane and this is definitely what you need. You might find it expensive but it's a really great tool.

They have offices in France, Denmark and USA.
The staff is extremely professional. I've enjoyed a lot working with their tool which is clearly something that looks like there are some brainy people being...

Good luck with that!
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Postby WinstonN » 5:54pm, Tue 05 Feb, 2008

try interspire sendstudio.
it's off the wall, and so great - fast and reliable with email templates, wonderful product,

phplist thank you for your amazing product too, i like it and have a soft spot for it, nothing like sending millions of emails with phplist, you guys rock!

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