Disappointed by the forum so far.

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Disappointed by the forum so far.

Postby Rayw » 10:35am, Thu 31 Jan, 2008

I am feeling disappointed with this forum.
I posted a fairly simple question. It is in the section called Does PhP Do This and is headed Please advise re userid / tracking.
Two people were kind enough to reply but sadly had not really read my question so their replies did not address the issue I asked about.
Nobody else has answered.
In desperation I sent a pm to all 3 mods. Two of them seem to have got stuck in my outbox and will not send. and the third went but nobody has taken the time to reply.
Is this typical of the PhPList community? I certainly hope not but as it is my only experience with PhPList I do feel disillusioned.
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Postby Dragonrider » 11:34am, Thu 31 Jan, 2008

The people who help out here are volunteers.

I'm the person you refer to and it is pointless my replying to your question as I don't have an answer and spend 50-70% of the time on these forums deleting ***SPAM***, pedophile ***SPAM*** and drug and shoe adverts. That does not leave me much time to post answers to questions I don;t know the answer to.

Like the vast majority of genuine users (non-spammers) I'm just a user of phpList and try to give a little back to the community by helping out here, voluntarily.
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Postby Rayw » 11:44am, Thu 31 Jan, 2008

Thanks for answering.
I am a moderator on a forum and a volunteer so I do understand the pressures. I just assumed that you would send a reply pm saying Sorry I do not know the answer.
I am sure that you can understand the feeling of frustration experienced by a person who on their first attempt to get help on the forum received two replies that did not even address the question. Two pm's that would not send and a third pm that went unanswered.
Anyway at least I now know that you did get my pm and that you do not know the answer.
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Postby Guest » 12:38am, Thu 21 Aug, 2008

Don't forget that you don't always pick the best time when people are on. For example, when I post about computer problems, I post at atleast 2 or 3 forums to make sure i have a good chance of a speedy answer, if not just bump the thread. :D

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