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Postby damanic » 12:16pm, Tue 01 Apr, 2008

Is this forum dead? Seems like alot of questions go unanswerd. I've posted twice with no answers, one a first post but not a whisper.

Im just starting with phplist, the documentation is alright but this forum has been pretty useless.

Perhaps there are not many people using this software?
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Postby H2B2 » 6:55am, Wed 02 Apr, 2008

Well, I guess the forum could do with more active users helping out other users. A number of users, including myself, are already doing that in their spare time, but it would be nice if more would join in.

If you don't get an inmediate answer and if you are pressed for time, try searching for an answer. In my experience, the forum has a lot to offer thanks to those users that took the time to post solutions, tips & tricks, mods, plugins, etc.

If you require instant help for each and every question you have, I suggest you request professional support ( ), or post a request for support on the 'Work & Commercial Projects' section of the forum:

Glad to know you appreciate the documentation. It is, by the way, an ongoing community effort by phplist users.
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I'm here and wanna commune

Postby jaysprout » 7:05pm, Thu 03 Apr, 2008

Lovin' the software so far. As soon as I learn stuff, which I am already, I'll help out.
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