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Email server

PostPosted: 5:04pm, Wed 02 Apr, 2008
by chris_drak
I 'd like to know if there is a server who can i send emails without limits.
I want to sent over one millions mails per day.

thanks in advance....

Re: Email server

PostPosted: 3:58am, Thu 03 Apr, 2008
by Ernesto
chris_drak wrote:I want to sent over one millions mails per day.
Have all those users subscribed with double opt-in? And to which newsletter may I ask? (who knows. I might subscribe). Are you a spammer by any chance?

PostPosted: 6:29pm, Mon 07 Apr, 2008
by pcorneillie
Not that huge (approx. 15000 addresses sending an e-mail like 8 times) but now it takes up to 8 days to mail and that is a bit long, especially if we need to provide info after our event and just before closing registration date.

Our list is at 2daagse dot be
All perfect OK with opting in and such.