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New PHPlist version (2.11)??

PostPosted: 9:05pm, Sun 11 May, 2008
by deafdavid
When are we going to expect new PHPlit version? I read 2.10.5 is the last version and 2.11 will be the new one.

Will it just be a simple upgrade or a re-write version?


PostPosted: 7:04pm, Mon 12 May, 2008
by J_S
there is no release date at the moment, It'll most likely be an upgrade of the present version rather than a re-write.

PostPosted: 10:38pm, Tue 30 Sep, 2008
by Guest
Hello there -

I have been reading through the forums to see how/if the PHPList project is moving forward and i have a pressing feeling that development has slowed down to an absolute crawl.

In one day, it will be October 2008. The last release was over a year ago and it seems like any kind of code update is far off. I have also been unsuccessful in locating a roadmap of sorts.

If someone from the development team could TRUTHFULLY comment on what's happening (or not happening) behind the scenes, that would be much appreciated.


PostPosted: 8:20pm, Tue 28 Oct, 2008
by deafdavid
HOpefully someone here or from Tincan have a good news to share with us by now?

PostPosted: 9:50pm, Tue 28 Oct, 2008
by Dragonrider
Version 2.10.7 released!


Bit of a basic how to update to 2.10.7 (as I do it on my test installation.....

PostPosted: 3:51pm, Thu 20 Nov, 2008
by Guest
I, too, was excited when i saw their October release, but they basically only supplied a critical bug fix and added the one feature of Forward to a Friend. Disappointing, to say the least. Boo. :( I suppose there are worse things in the world - like if Bush was able to run for a third term as President...

PostPosted: 4:31pm, Thu 20 Nov, 2008
by deafdavid
Me too.....but I'm confuse here -- since they added few forward features -- I noticed my 2.10.5 already had forward feature and I tested it today -- it worked fine. Am I missing what "forward to friend" features are all about?