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Topic Reply Notification error

Postby Antonimo » 8:26am, Mon 21 Jul, 2008

I just received an e-mail with the subject, "Topic Reply Notification - Record IP Addresses of Blocked Spam Attempts".

Here is the full text of the e-mail:

You are receiving this email because you are watching the topic, "Record IP Addresses of Blocked Spam Attempts" at phplist forums. This topic has received a reply since your last visit. You can use the following link to view the replies made, no more notifications will be sent until you visit the topic.

If you no longer wish to watch this topic you can either click the "Stop watching this topic link" found at the bottom of the topic above, or by clicking the following link: ... atch=topic

1. The first link goes to a page that does not exist
2. The second link (without "&unwatch=topic") does take me to the topic but there is no reply.

What's up with the notification system?
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Postby Ernesto » 11:21am, Mon 21 Jul, 2008

I remember having seen that reply some 10 hours ago, and it was a just a spam post I'm afraid. My best guess is that it has been removed by moderators, which would explain why you can't find it anymore.
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Postby Antonimo » 12:02pm, Mon 21 Jul, 2008

Hi Ernesto,

Thanks for your reply - it seemed like an unusual error but your suggestion of a spam post having been removed sounds very likely.
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