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PostPosted: 6:37am, Wed 27 Aug, 2008
by Slydder
I would have assisted you, however, due to the idiocy of the forum admins here I am not allowed to post any relevent information regarding this issue and solutions pertaining to said issue. This will also be my last post on this forum as I have in over 30 years of IT experience yet to encounter such gross stupidity in a Forum such as I have here.


P.S. and if the admins wish to discuss the matter then PLEASE contact me. I would enjoy finding out if this is an hereditary disposition or if it was learned over the years.

PostPosted: 10:22am, Thu 28 Aug, 2008
by Ernesto
Slydder wrote:I have in over 30 years of IT experience
Ever heard of forum spam in those 30+ years? IF you really feel the need to flame, please do so looking at your mirror image in the privacy of your bathroom, and refrain from annoying others with your personal frustrations. Thank you very much.

PostPosted: 11:23pm, Sat 30 Aug, 2008
by Guest
its true though you guys suck

PostPosted: 12:47pm, Sun 31 Aug, 2008
by H2B2
These off-topic posts have been split from this thread:

Please remain on topic when posting in existing threads.

Posting limitations on this forum are unfortunately necessary to reduce the constant flow of forum spam. You are welcome to come forward with suggestions on how to improve anti-spam measures and make them more user friendly.

Flaming is not allowed on this forum and will result in forum banning.