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Where I can download a printable copy of the documents in...

PostPosted: 4:01am, Mon 06 Oct, 2008
by Guest
Where I can download a printable copy of the documents in phplist list. It's over all user manuals. Because I can't access the internet daily and i need to study the whole phplist and everything on it. Thanks!

PostPosted: 12:11am, Wed 29 Oct, 2008
by deafdavid
Yes, I need one too. I do a better job reading on paper (or manual) than online.

PostPosted: 1:43pm, Sat 01 Nov, 2008
by H2B2
I'm afraid there isn't a single file that includes all wiki documentation pages. I guess you would have to print the documentation pages you need from your browser.

eaaeduph, you could try using an off line browser, like Proxy Offline Browser or other similar product.

PostPosted: 10:12pm, Sat 01 Nov, 2008
by deafdavid

I'm no expert -- but I have used Wiki and few times, I was able to print docunments because printer-friendly were available.

Is it possible to setup printer-friendly icon to print the documentation pages? These would save some unnecessary pages or white areas when using printer on browser.

Thanks so much.