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mantis - 404?

PostPosted: 9:52am, Thu 13 Nov, 2008
by tyry ... 8&type=bug


Not Found

The requested URL /file_download.php was not found on this server. :?:

PostPosted: 4:19pm, Thu 13 Nov, 2008
by vancoovur
Works for me.

PostPosted: 7:11pm, Thu 13 Nov, 2008
by Dragonrider
Vancoovur wrote:Works for me.

It didn't earlier today, but as Vancoovur says, it does now! :D

PostPosted: 9:05am, Fri 14 Nov, 2008
by tyry
Vancoovur wrote:Works for me.

Looks like it works now.

Someone did some work on the server apparently - I got the message "olive" when visiting the root URL.