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PostPosted: 1:54am, Tue 09 Dec, 2008
by Guest
I was going to say something worse but I held back. I'm just irritated I wasted so much time on this software that has so many bugs. Maybe someday you will get it working correctly on different installs of mysql and php because no matter what there are errors that seem to take php developers to fix. Most issues go unresolved and there are more questions than answers here.

PostPosted: 5:34am, Tue 09 Dec, 2008
by vancoovur
Could you provide an example of the problems you're having? The users of this board may be able to solve the majority of your problems and possibly offer assistance.

PostPosted: 6:20pm, Wed 28 Jan, 2009
by Ashiro
No escaping the fact: It needs work on it.

Would anyone be interested in a fork?