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Username gone ???

PostPosted: 9:37pm, Thu 05 Feb, 2009
by linders2
Today I tried to log on to the forum and found my username gone. :(

I reregistered as linders2 (linders being my original username) and when searching on author (I have asked several questions and got useful answers) there was nothing there... :shock:

Do I need to activate my username once in a while?
Do you have some (strange?) policy in removing usernames and can this be avoided?
Any other reason why this has happened?


PostPosted: 9:51pm, Thu 05 Feb, 2009
by linders2
I found the confirmation mail when I registered the first time, dated August 6, 2008...

Now I need to post some "silly" messages again before I even can use links...

PostPosted: 10:48pm, Thu 05 Feb, 2009
by Dragonrider

PostPosted: 2:48pm, Fri 06 Feb, 2009
by linders2
Thanks, Dragonrider.