Phpbb hacked through phpList?

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Phpbb hacked through phpList?

Postby IG88 » 11:48pm, Sat 07 Feb, 2009

What happened to the phpbb site?


We are sorry to report that we have been attacked through a 0-day-exploit in our PHPList installation (responsible for the mailing list about new releases). phpBB will remain unavailable while we work to recover. No vulnerabilities have been found in the phpBB software itself.

– the phpBB team
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Postby H2B2 » 1:40am, Sun 08 Feb, 2009

Yes, apparently they where hacked:
As you may already be aware from the message on or the topic in the #phpBB channel on Freenode, we have recently been attacked via a vulnerability in an outdated PHPList installation. The initial attack was performed well before a new version of the software was released or a patch provided. It is important to stress that no vulnerabilities have been found in the phpBB software itself.
[Note: "outdated" in this citation is stressed by me]

This occurrence is being discussed here:

This again underlines the importance of upgrading to the latest security update, currently phplist v2.10.9
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