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private message

PostPosted: 2:58pm, Mon 22 Jun, 2009
by knick
I am very frustrated with this site. I don't do this much so maybe it is something simple that I don't understand.

There is a place to send "private messages" and when I do this to see if someone has found a solution to a similar problem, it says the message was sent but it sits in my outbox. How do I actually send the message? I don't particularly care if it is "private" - I just am trying to get help with a problem that I submitted on June 10 and no one has replied. I tried to contact a "moderator" but it just sits in my outbox. If we can't email each other - OK - but then why is that an option? Thanks.

Re: private message

PostPosted: 9:22am, Thu 25 Jun, 2009
by H2B2
I believe the forum software allows sending Personal Messages. The message will stay in your outbox until they have been retrieved by the recipient. If the PM is still in your outbox, I guess this means the recipient hasn't yet retrieved the message.
Keep in mind that moderators may not log in daily, and in some cases might not be available for longer periods of time.

Thread moved to the community section, since this is not directly related to the functioning of phpList.