Third rate -at best

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Third rate -at best

Postby Gust » 5:22pm, Sat 08 Aug, 2009

Downloaded PHPList 20 days ago.
Finally got it to work more or less the way it should.
(There's still a bug I can't fix, but let's forget about that).

I really do appreciate the efforts of all the people that contributed to PHPList.
That being said, as an app, PHPList is absolutely third rate. At best.

Why ?

(1) Riddled with bugs.
It's ridiculous.
For every feature, there's a bug.
Sure enough, there are hacks and mods around,
but one has to search the forums for hours to find them.
A waste of time, and plain stupid.
Furthermore, not every mod is reliable.
Some mods create problems, rather than solving them.

(2) Can't be customized.
PHPList was never built to customize.
Of course, one can edit the language file,
and the phplist.css, but it's a long and tedious process of trial and error,
with poor results.

(3) FCKeditor is a disaster.
Can't begin to understand why Fckeditor is included with PHPList.
It's a joke. Kills your code, eats your links, whatever.
I didn't try TinyMCE. Maybe that one works better.

(4) BlackListing doesn't work.
The concept of blacklisting users that unsubscribe is counterproductive.
It needlessly complicates things.
Users that unsubscribe should simply be deleted.

Once again, I do appreciate all the efforts that have been made,
but for PHPList to become a reliable newsletter system,
those issues have to be dealt with.
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Re: Third rate -at best

Postby hassansr » 1:06pm, Sun 16 Aug, 2009

dude, it's free.

this is what you get with open source. stick with it and you'll get it to work
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Re: Third rate -at best

Postby hotel » 11:38pm, Mon 07 Sep, 2009

I tried some of the commercial solutions and I liked this one better!
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