A Question From a Greenhorn...

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A Question From a Greenhorn...

Postby Linda528 » 6:56pm, Fri 14 Aug, 2009

Hi Everyone,

This is my first visit here and my first post, so I hope you'll bear with me!!!

I have a friend who uses phplist and he's convinced me that I need to use it too. I used WordPress to build a site. I experienced somewhat of a learning curve in order to get it built. My main concern about switching is that I know very little about phplist. How available is phplist training, how thorough is it,and where would I find the help I would probably need?

Any advice would be very much appreciated! :D
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Re: A Question From a Greenhorn...

Postby hassansr » 7:30pm, Fri 14 Aug, 2009

Hi Linda

Most of the things you'll be trying to do will be covered within the forum and install docs. The thing that will give you fits however is the fact that all hosting services are a bit different so making the tweaks to make phplist work on your system and the limits that they'll put on your number of daily outbound messages. What host are you using?
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