Is phplist what we're looking for?

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Is phplist what we're looking for?

Postby GYoung » 4:21pm, Mon 21 Sep, 2009

Hello, I work for a mid sized company that has a fairly extensive newsletter. We currently have a setup that works, but feel has too many extra functions that we do not need or want. So instead we're looking for open source alternatives to use as a base for the system we're looking for. So far we've narrowed the choices down to PHPList and OpenEMM and was wondering what the community here thinks about PHPList and difficulty in extending the code for triggered campaign use and reporting on a fairly large scale (multi-server for large multiple mass mails).

If anybody has any experience with both software applications, I would particularly appreciate to hear the evaluation and experiences of each app.

Either reply or pm me at Thanks!
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