PHPList compared to DreamHost's "Announce List" feature?

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PHPList compared to DreamHost's "Announce List" feature?

Postby kaon » 3:26am, Fri 20 Nov, 2009

Hi All,

I have been using PHPList on LunarPages for a few years.
List size is 20k and growing.
LP recently reduced their sending limit from 600 per hour to 400 per hour.
I am looking for other ways to send my legitimate bulk mail at low cost, and at a higher rate, because promotions typically last one weekend, and we would like if all recipients get their newsletters within a small time window.

I see that DreamHost has these sending limits:
- 100 recipients per hour for regular SMTP
- 200 recipients per hour for scripted sends (this includes using PHPList?)
- unlimited recipients per hour for their "Announce List"

Has anyone ever used their Announce List?
What are its pros and cons versus PHPList? Includes bounce processing?
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