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How to disable confirmation?

PostPosted: 6:54pm, Thu 04 Mar, 2010
by kiot
Hello, I would like to confirm my users automagically, when they subscribe. Do you know how this can be done?

Re: How to disable confirmation?

PostPosted: 4:46pm, Fri 05 Mar, 2010
by kiot
I wasn't able to locate this option. Can you please navigate me where I can find it? In configuration is not any such function. I only found :

You are logged in as administrator (admin) of this phplist system

You are therefore offered the following choice, which your users will not see when they load this page.

Go back to admin area

Please choose:
* Make this user confirmed immediately
Send this user a request for confirmation email

Thanks for help,

Re: How to disable confirmation?

PostPosted: 11:25pm, Thu 25 Mar, 2010
by H2B2
inigong wrote:Skip Confirmation Email:
Check this option to automatically confirm the user without the need for a confirmation

This option doesn't exist. This post appears to have been entered for link spamming purposes only. It does not seem to be meant as an actual answer to your question, and has been removed.

There is no option to disable the confirmation request email. You would need to change the code, but this is not recommended. Double opt-in, or confirmed opt-in, is a 'best practice' and helps avoid bogus subscriptions.