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Slow Services?

PostPosted: 4:30am, Tue 13 Apr, 2010
by kkzdcom
Raises my hand...
I am not trying to be snotty here as I run my own online business (hosting and designing) but considering the option and the multiple problems I had with upgrading and the PHPlist, mind you I installed this script a few years ago before many of the server "security" upgrades. PHPList has worked wonderfully up until now... I have been browsing through your forum, documents, everything and very few of the information I found was helful... Infact a few times I found stated PHP code lines in certain files did not even exist in the files (I am aware things change) but the one I didn't find was an important file used by every single version so far. Aside from that point I am just overly baffled considering I just "make due" with the problems I have on PHPlist as of since I upgraded, plus many many unanswered questions not just me but many, that had same questions as I, the place is difficult to find answers for anything, and yet charging $30 a month to host ONE php List on a hosting server? Really? I hope your customer service is a lot better then what you give for the free service mind you, I do not mind that developers offering free scripting not personally attend to us greedy (sarcastically saying that) script users because I know I do not have the time to write, edit, debug.... But for 30 bucks a month? Would this include customizing the list to suit my needs? If errors came up, you would fix it? What all entitles that 30 bucks a month? Just installing, customize at the start, and hosting and that's it? By all means again I am not trying to be offensive but as I witnessed it is just difficult getting help, answers, finding answers, nevertheless blowing my mind away of paying 30 bucks a month on a script I just "make due" - which is fine being free ;)

So please, if your going to advertise 30 bucks a month, how fast will the technical services be, again will you further customize if what I want is not there?