Does the SEARCH button work?

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Does the SEARCH button work?

Postby barriekenyon » 3:54pm, Tue 15 Feb, 2011

I recently tried to install phpList on Windows / IIS, without success.

I naturally searched the forums for any posting on IIS, and retirned 0 results. I then posted a couple of requests for help installing phpList on Windows / IIS, with IIS mentioned in both the title of the post and the body.

I then tried searching again for IIS, and returned 0 results.

Two possibilities occur to me.
1. The SEACH engine is broken.
2. This is a religious war type of thing. Any reference to Windows, IIS, etc is automatically discarded by the search engine.

I guess it is a hint to go away and look elsewhere! Seems a shame realy . . .

Barrie Kenyon
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Re: Does the SEARCH button work?

Postby duncanc » 4:03pm, Tue 15 Feb, 2011

Possibly a combination of minimum word length and excluding common words

e.g. "perl" is found but "were" is not.

However putting both Windows and IIS in the search box produces results.
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