Host for phpList that allows sending via 3rd party server

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Host for phpList that allows sending via 3rd party server

Postby Tizod » 9:06pm, Thu 28 Apr, 2011

I've been using with phpList for years. My phpList is setup to send my emails through a 3rd party server instead of using Hostmonster. All of a sudden, I couldn't send emails anymore. I contacted HostMonster and they said that they don't allow people to send email through 3rd party servers. Actually, they were surprised that my setup ever worked in the past... but somehow it worked for awhile.

So... my profession is regulated and requires that ALL of my emails be sent through a 3rd party server so they can be archived. Anyone know of a hosting company that would allow this? I don't even know where to begin with something like this.

As a secondary note... I have a Windows Small Business Server 2008 machine setup in my office so I guess it might be possible to install it on my own system. I'm not server-savvy and this thought scares me a bit. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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