HTML template does not display

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HTML template does not display

Postby jrc » 12:29pm, Mon 24 Jun, 2013

Hi all,

I am unable to display HTML templates. I have followed the instructions in
viewtopic.php?f=24&t=38694&p=94835&hilit=html+template#p94835 (In emails: HTML not rendered and template sent as POST data)


viewtopic.php?f=24&t=37256&hilit=+EMBEDDED#p89698 (Send Email, got blank message).

I applied changes to phpmailer.php (located in /admin/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php) and config.php (located in /config/config.php), according to each post.

Emails content-types were changed to "multipart/alternative" - origianlly they were "text/plain" . Should this have solved the problem?

One caveat i should mention: gmail displays html templates without a problem (even displayng the old "text/plain"). Mac Outlook 2011 dosnt display html templates at all.

Im using mac Mail v4.5 (html template dosnt display with "text/plain" or "multipart/alternative"), however a colleague is using mac Mail v3.6 (html template DOES display usig the old "text/plain")

Im really confused - has anyone had similar issues?

Any help of advice would be really appreciated.

Kind regards, Jason.
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Re: HTML template does not display

Postby mariofau2 » 4:13pm, Tue 25 Jun, 2013

Are you saying that some clients can see the html email correctly and others can't?
Gmail does but mac outlook doesn't.

Post the source code of the email. If you use thunderbird you can press ctrl-u to see it.
In gmail I think it is:

Open the desired message.
Click on the down arrow next to Reply or More Options.
Now click Show original

Taken from ... source.htm

Maybe there's some html code in there that is not being represented correctly.
I saw a newsletter in Evolution in Debian and the content was not the same as in thunderbird, gmail, outlook, etc.

Post the code of the html part, it mine it begins with:
(this is the code phplist uses, then comes your template)

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