Just getting out of a conference

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Just getting out of a conference

Postby harner » 9:24pm, Wed 31 Jan, 2007

I just got out of a netmeeting/phone conference with a few executives. They love the idea of phpList and how user friendly it is. I still have a few issues I want to resolve until it hits a brand new production server.

Developers: Thank you, job well done and keep up the good work.

Support team: All of you are on the ball and know your stuff. I got a lot taken care of from other people's issues and your support help.

Everyone else: I highly recommend this product if you haven't tried it yet. I'll float around the forum and try to help troubleshoot possible issues down the road.

Thanks again!
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Postby Totto » 10:57pm, Sat 03 Feb, 2007

You could be very helpful here, harner! The forums need more active members here so to got the feeling of community. If you got the time and motivation, people will apreciate it!
You're welcome!
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