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Do you want changes back that I have made?

PostPosted: 5:40pm, Thu 22 Mar, 2007
by pkimelma
I have made a number of changes to better suit what I think makes sense. Do you want any of this back? These include:
1. A way to have another .php file check-in users without admin login. This is designed so that it has to be in the same admin directory (and so .htaccess has to allow) and it uses checks to be sure no ? variables are forcing in the login override.
2. I have created a simple scheme to allow a default template to be associated with a specific login. It does not make sense to have to remember each time. So, each list can have its own template if you have each login owning a specific list.
3. I have allowed the footer to define both an HTML and a text version. It looks for a magic separator.
4. I have allowed the templates to define a text variant (same magic separator).

Not sure if you want any of this, but I thought I better check. Thanks, paul

PostPosted: 1:07am, Fri 23 Mar, 2007
by H2B2
Seems quite interesting. If you want you can post these mods in the issue tracker, which -unlike the forum- has the added benefit of allowing attachments:

You might want to look at this post too:

OK, I will look at the issue tracker

PostPosted: 1:29am, Fri 23 Mar, 2007
by pkimelma
Thanks. I am making another change, which I will complete 1st. This relates to control of some headers, such as "Sender:" and "Return-From:". The current method overloads "$sender" way too much. This has some problems, for one: many sendmail versions will create an X-authentication header error (indicating that you used -f to fake the sending info). The Return-From vs. Errors-To should not need to be the same. Also, some people may want to use the "Sender:" header. This is commonly used when the sending domain does not match the From: domain. This indicates a valid route (list server). I will finish this and also connect the other changes to config.php variables and then post to the issue tracker.