Test my newsletter - oh, yeah?

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Test my newsletter - oh, yeah?

Postby entre » 1:03am, Wed 11 Apr, 2007

OK, so I believe I have created my newsletter, I can retrieve it (and edits) from the server file and it looks good. Now, how do I send a test newsletter to one test address? Anybody can help me here, I'm not particular. Thanks in advance (this is so exciting!)
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Postby Dragonrider » 5:49am, Wed 11 Apr, 2007

Make sure your test email is already registered in phpList, and them you should be able to send it by specifying that in the Send a Test Message box at the bottom of the message page.

You will need to set the config file to allow messages to be sent I think.
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Postby entre » 3:53am, Thu 12 Apr, 2007

Dragonrider, thank you very much for responding. But, when you say "make sure your email is already registered in phpList", all I can say is that I have been able to save it (through the Save command) successfully (according to the response I get. The saved template also shows up in the list of templates to select from under Format in the Send Messages function. However, when I receive the email at the target email account, the newsletter is not delivered, just a "footer" - "Powered by PHPlist, (includ the php URL - which I cannot copy here due to forum rules --". What do you think could be wrong? Are there certain directories that must be used for the newsletter? Mine seems to default to .../zlist/admin/... while newsletters that do go out successfully are located in .../assets/newsletters/... Is this the problem?

Thanks in advance again!
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Postby RobertAZ » 7:37pm, Tue 19 Jun, 2007

This my be the wrong place to ask - Please re-direct if needed.

This the software all the surfing company's use, right? Then my question is this: Is there a way to run a genealogy list? And are there any limits to running a geno?
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