which program export & import mysql data better?

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which program export & import mysql data better?

Postby yaodownload » 3:02am, Sat 15 Sep, 2007

Not script. I need a desktop program.

I have a website and want to download all the mysql data and move it to a new one.

I tried several and need the better one. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
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mysql desktop application

Postby inspire » 6:20am, Sat 06 Oct, 2007

Why not you will try for the Sqlyog, and the phpmyadmin
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Postby ed.advertise » 8:10am, Wed 07 May, 2008

i use phpmyadmin.. it works fine..
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Postby bzcoder » 2:06pm, Wed 07 May, 2008

Navicat works pretty well on my Mac. I can leave te client open and connected to 3 or 4 databases, close my laptop, go home for the day, open it up, and immediately start using those databases again without having to relogon or anything.
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