Private message flagged in the Outbox

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Private message flagged in the Outbox

Postby albert0346 » 12:55pm, Wed 26 Sep, 2007


what does it mean when a private message is flagged in the Outbox? I understand that there must be something wrong with it otherwise it would be put into the Sentbox, right? But what is wrong with it?

Thanks for your answer.

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Postby ed.advertise » 8:13am, Wed 07 May, 2008

i would like to know that too..
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Re: Private message flagged in the Outbox

Postby dilip » 7:23am, Fri 04 Jun, 2010

My private messages are syucked in Outbox..
Please provide me the remedy for same..
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Re: Private message flagged in the Outbox

Postby Dragonrider » 3:38pm, Fri 04 Jun, 2010

I believe this is because the person you have sent your message to (ie: stuck in your Forum Message Outbox) has not yet been read by the person sent to. Once read, the message is then moved, automatically, into the sent folder.
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