Compared to Interspire SendStudio NX

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Compared to Interspire SendStudio NX

Postby Samatva » 4:59pm, Sat 12 Jan, 2008

Anybody help me resist a move to Interspire SendStudio NX?

I am running PHPlist on several non-profit sites. The folks I volunteer for are happy with it. At my day job with a University, I've set up PHPlist for the Alumni Association. Our system admin is recommending that we change to Interspire SendStudio NX. Since I've started on a alum directory that interfaces with PHPlist, I'm not eager to change.

Other than $$ and Open Source arguments, can anyone give me reasons not to move?

We *may* need to share subsets of the Alumni list with different offices (Alum/Development, Career Services Office, other clinics/centers), and have slightly different additional variable needs for each office. We will have fairly limited "public" sign-up - most initial sign-ups come from other databases - but do need to maintain/update info from alums.

It appears that SendStudio is a fairly young product and only one of several from Interspire, so it may not be as mature. (?) Any other reasons?
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Postby Stuff4Toys » 3:42am, Thu 17 Jan, 2008

From a quick look at Interspire SendStudio NX is appears that the reports are more complete and the
Autoresponder feature is nice.

Other than that it reads like PHPList. Never know, it could be...

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