PHPBB Forum is Spammed (Please help)

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PHPBB Forum is Spammed (Please help)

Postby bushib » 7:25pm, Fri 18 Jan, 2008

Hi there,

From the last one month my PHPBB forum is attacked by spammers and bots and they used to send casino, ***SPAM*** and ***SPAM*** related posts daily.

Can anyone tell me please how to deal with this issue?

I don't know much about PHP so please tell me any easy to implement but solid solution.

Any help will be highly appreciated.
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Postby Dragonrider » 9:06pm, Fri 18 Jan, 2008

Have moved your post here as it's nothing to do with phpList after all. :)

You don;t say what version of phpBB you are running, but if it's 2.20.x you can add Anti-Spam mods, CAPTCHA and even add deny from (ip) in your .htaccess file.

You'd probably do better to post this question in the phpBB forums, rather than the phpList forum though.

Oh yes, and get yourself a good Moderator, one who can visit regularly and is willing to spend an hour or more a day deleting the ***SPAM***, drug and the rest of spam! :wink:
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Re: PHPBB Forum is Spammed (Please help)

Postby kaylaleeds319 » 4:35am, Fri 11 Jun, 2010

i also had the same problem, and there's nothing more efficient than a good human moderator. if you have more volunteers, assigning 2 or 3 human mods to each forum ensures no spam gets through.
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Re: PHPBB Forum is Spammed (Please help)

Postby dallasmerlin » 1:15am, Thu 09 Dec, 2010

You should try to use chapca and also a random question for your new registering users
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