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How to Compile php code to machine readable code

PostPosted: 7:50am, Fri 29 Aug, 2008
by lekoya
Hi All,

I am looking for a way of compiling my php source code to machine readable code. I have searched the internet for solution without any luck, most of solutions available are not open source and are specific to Windows.

Your help will be highly Appreciated

Thanks in advance

PostPosted: 3:09pm, Fri 29 Aug, 2008
by J_S
what exactly do you mean by 'machine readable code' ?

PostPosted: 2:00am, Sat 15 Nov, 2008
by Guest
To run PHP scripts you easily include PHP language to your website:

Code: Select all
echo "Some PHP Code Here";

Make sure that the file containing the PHP code has .php extension. Then upload your PHP files to the server which supports PHP (or install PHP on your computer) That is all what you need to do to run PHP scripts.

PHP is not like C++ or similar programming languages. You don't need to compile the code.