Marketing through web hosting ?

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Marketing through web hosting ?

Postby clayton nelson » 10:54am, Tue 24 Mar, 2009

I am aware that a number of companies offer web hosting services. What I am looking for is comparative and tabulated information on all the schemes and rates being offered by all the major web hosting companies. I would also like to have details in terms of band width, disk space, domains, POP3/STMP, set up fee, etc. and other technicalities so that I can get the best deal Where should I look for it?
clayton nelson
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Postby zerebruin » 10:47pm, Tue 24 Mar, 2009

I'd suggest Google...if you search for 'web hosting comparison' you'll get a couple of sites that let you compare different services.

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Postby emil300 » 6:28pm, Tue 31 Mar, 2009

there're lot of website with hosting reviews. I just google it :)
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Re: Marketing through web hosting ?

Postby janie7 » 6:00pm, Tue 04 May, 2010

Web hosting is a great way to get your site out there,
You can find site through google as suggested and some are really low priced.
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Re: Marketing through web hosting ?

Postby satori » 7:13pm, Tue 04 May, 2010

Many of the experts appear to use Hostgator for this. The question has been raised in other forums though why should I purchase hosting with any individual when the major companies can provide massive support. You might want to look into that first.
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Re: Marketing through web hosting ?

Postby rejex » 7:38pm, Thu 06 May, 2010

Make sure you read the review sites (and not the phony review sites either).

Some ISP have really bad service...Hostgator seems to be very good for me.
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Re: Marketing through web hosting ?

Postby lucy487 » 1:03am, Mon 10 May, 2010

When you do look at comparative reviews of hosting providers, bear in mind that a lot of those review sites are actually created by affiliate marketers. Their information may be objective, but it may not, depending on the integrity of the marketer. And, their financial interest in your choice just may color what is presented to you.

So, once you narrow your search to a couple of hosting companies, do some searching through forums so you can find out what actual experience people have with those companies.

And do some negative searches as well, such as "problems with xxx", "bad experience with xxx".
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