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PDF protection

Postby MystikMusikEnt » 1:33am, Fri 15 Apr, 2011


I run a site called Mystik Musik Entertainment. We're a music company in New Brunswick, that does interviews, features, and promotions of underground music artist. We're currently finishing up a project. The problem is I'm not sure how to serve it.

It's a digital magazine called East Coast Bangers, and of course, I used the most easily distributable format, and one that is hard for people to protect cheaply without a lot of knowledge. PDF..

I'd like to protect my file one way or another so that people can only view if they payed, and cannot pass it a long.

I know that there is a file protections called htaccess or something in linux. That sounds very helpful in the process. Another thing I was thinking was a page that can only be viewed with a serial, and the serial will only work for one user. No other use could use that serial. Something like that..the problem is I have no skill with xml, perl, or anything like that...so my ideas are simply wishful thinking, and dreams at this point....

do you know a more 'protectable' format this project could be converted to, an open source type operation that can be hosted on my server, or any other way of creating what I stated above easily?


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Re: PDF protection

Postby dann123 » 6:17am, Mon 27 Jun, 2011

You can always use the password to protect your pdf or compress it through winrar and then add a password to it.

Re: PDF protection

Postby niceyeve » 12:43pm, Fri 01 Jul, 2011

Can I ask also? How about those PDF file that get crushed?How can I protect it?
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Re: PDF protection

Postby betauli » 4:26am, Tue 16 Jul, 2013

Is your project still going on? I use some PDF library for PHP for my projects.
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PDF protection

Postby lonniehoover » 11:00am, Mon 04 Aug, 2014

we can protect a pdf file in many ways.
what most people use is acrobat, with acrobat PDF can be protected with passwords, but these things have limitations.
To protect PDF an author must also prevent unauthorised sharing. Here DRM can be used to ensure that only the authorised user can open a document. But with password protection DRM can also be exploited. Copysafe PDF is a solution and by using its proprietary reader with DRM options you can distribute PDF documents by email, download and on disk with the most secure and unexploitable protection from all copy including screen capture.
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