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PHP Forum in Spanish.

PostPosted: 3:42am, Wed 04 May, 2011
by guaddabug83
My roommate and I have a great idea for a PHPBB forum that is going to be in Spanish. I went to their homepage and it appears that it comes in English, but is also available in other languages. Would it be a good idea to install the website on a test server both in English and Spanish so we can look at the English one when we get confused reading Spanish? We both aren't native Spanish speakers, and are concerned that we won't understand certain steps in the installation process. So having it in English is one idea we have to create our forum for Spanish Speaking visitors.

Simple Chinese translation

PostPosted: 3:47am, Wed 04 May, 2011
by guaddabug83
This thread is old, but it came up when I typed in Translation in the search field. I mentioned in an earlier post that we are attempting to create a forum for Spanish speakers, but are afraid that we will have grammar issues that will be "lost in translation". If I'm reading this thread correctly there is a way to convert languages? I'm assuming that the Chinese mentioned in this post is to be translated into English? If that's true can we create our PHPBB forum in English, then simply convert it to Spanish by using a similar method? I've never set up a PHPBB forum, and don't want to anger native Spanish speakers with incorrect grammar during the translation process.

Re: PHP Forum in Spanish.

PostPosted: 2:21pm, Wed 04 May, 2011
by H2B2
I think you are confusing phpList with phpBB. :wink:
This is the community forum for phpList. If you want support to setup a phpBB forum, I suggest you visit the phpBB community forum: