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Is it a good idea ?

PostPosted: 7:35am, Wed 29 Jun, 2011
by dann123
I've a site in english and now I want a site for native Hindi speakers, so should I develop a new site and give a link to it through php redirect with hindi as extension in URL or should I directly give google translate ?

Re: Is it a good idea ?

PostPosted: 9:24am, Mon 04 Jul, 2011
by Dragonrider
Personally, I'd go with offering Google translation for an entire site, but then I don't read/write Hindi but if you do, and you have the time to set up a mirror site all in Hindi then go for it and redirect. Let's face it, Google (or any automatic translation software) is not going to get it 100% accurate 100% of the time.

Re: Is it a good idea ?

PostPosted: 4:17pm, Mon 11 Jul, 2011
by naicop
Not for me, I dont like google translator