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Cleaning up mailing list

PostPosted: 9:19am, Thu 15 Aug, 2013
by Helveticus

I have a big problem. I want to send a newsletter to 100'000 persons. Unfortunately, the mailing list was not used since one year and therefore a lot of mail addresses are no more valid, resulting in a lot of bounces. That's way I got a warning from Amazon SES.

I contacted Amazon and aked if they could accept a higher bounce rate (about 10%) for the next 100'000 mails so that I can clean up the mailing list. But the answer was negative. They said that Amazon SES should not be used for cleaning up a mailing list. This is very disappointing because it is obvious that a mailing list, which was longer not used, has to be cleaned up in some way. And the only possible way to do this is sending mails.

So what can I do to clean up the mailing list?

Edit: I found some services for mail validation. See also ... an-my-list.

DataValidation is the cheapest one. If I have 108'000 addresses, I pay $0.0035 per address. This is in total $378.

Is this service secure and reliable? And is there perhaps a cheaper one?

Re: Cleaning up mailing list

PostPosted: 1:09pm, Sun 18 Aug, 2013
by Helveticus

I have now checked my mailing list with and I separated the bad addresses from the good. My bounce rate is now much lower but I want to double check the bad addresses.

So my intention is to send a mail to every bad address to check if it is real a bad address. Of course I cannot do this with Amazon SES because the bounce rate would be too high.

Does somebody know a free hoster, e.g. gmx, for doing this without getting into trouble (also legal trouble)?