Blacklist Double Header issue still occuring

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Blacklist Double Header issue still occuring

Postby cchhita » 3:31am, Thu 14 May, 2009

Hi There,
I am having the issue of the double header showing like reported on this forum recently.

Here is the issue described again:
A user subscribes - no problem
They unsubscribe, so are added to blacklist - no problem
They decide to subscribe again, but now when they try to submit, they get a window within a window appear!
This has been reported in the forum in multiple threads. I have read a bug report, which said it was resolved, but there was no answer to how to solve this!
I also read that it was to be solved in 2.10.10. I have just upgraded to this, and ensured my database was upgraded also, but am still getting this issue!!

Is there any update on this, or any way I can fix this for a client?

Thanks in advanced
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Re: Blacklist Double Header issue still occuring

Postby vidanov » 2:32pm, Thu 21 Jan, 2010

I use this solution. You can try it on your own risk with your installation.
You should change the file /admin/susbcribelib2.php
Find the line (362)

$blacklisted = isBlackListed($email);

and replace with

$blacklisted = false;

It removes the blacklist functionality from the list.
I tried this and it seems I have no problem with it any more.
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Re: Blacklist Double Header issue still occuring

Postby bezraznizi » 7:45am, Sun 24 Jan, 2010

If you use the fix which disables the blacklist functionality how your subscribers could unsubscribe?
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