Skinning PHPlist admin interface - need help

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Skinning PHPlist admin interface - need help

Postby Sasi83 » 10:10am, Fri 23 Apr, 2010

I'm not a PHP coder, but I have some experience with WordPress templates and skinning PHP applications.

I would like to resking the admin interface for one of my projects that admins get a custon designed interface and not the default one. (Of course without any copyright infringements. I do not publish it as a self development, I just do not like the default interface. It's a bit ugly.)

As for that I succeded to override and as well as pagetop.php. So the design starts to get shape. But I came to a point where I cannot get on with things.

My biggest problem is the sidebar (menulinkleft). It says that it's controlled by sidebar.php. By deafult it puts the menu elements into a span with class: menulinkleft. Like that:
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<span class=menulinkleft></span>
. This is not quite really semantic... and anyway I would need list elements for my design.

So I made the following changes:
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$spb ='<li class="menulinkleft">';
$spe = '</li>';

I uploaded the modified sidebar.php but nothing happened, it still produces the spans. Then I simply deleted sidebar.php - which I think should produce an error message. But it doesn't.

That might be a bug or the menu is simply controlled somewhere else. I checked the database, but I didn't see any tables or datas that control the design. So where are these datas kept for elements' appearance? Where do I have to modify the code to get lists instead of spans produced?

Is there a general PHP or any kind of file which defines elements what kind of html tags to get? Or should I look through all PHPs in the admin folder and modify html codes there?


And I've got a second question: Does anybody know where to remove the js style selector code? It seems like pagetop.php ends where this starts and starts where the style selector code ends. So should I search and remove this from all PHP files in the admin folder?


(Just a remark: It seems to me that PHP list could be skinned really easily, but these parts are complex though. There should be a general file that handles all the appearances. And anyway there are way too much CSS files...)


Thanks for help in advance,

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