import users from query to another database

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import users from query to another database

Postby hp3 » 7:10pm, Wed 31 Aug, 2011

I have user information stored in two tables in a 2nd database which is part of my hosting account along with the database for phplist. Currently, to import users for my mailing list, I run a query and php script that exports my user information as a single table "flat file" csv, which I then import into phplist. My site uses a different system from phplist to manage mailing list subscriptions.

Is there an exetension, "mod" or some way to run a query directly from phplist to import my user data from these two tables into phplist?

I know that there is a way to import data from an existing table in another database, but in my case the data is in two different tables, requiring a query to join the tables.
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