Emails to hotmail accounts formatting problems

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Emails to hotmail accounts formatting problems

Postby eazy » 3:03am, Mon 21 Jan, 2013

Emails to all other webmail providers seam to be ok, but on emails to hotmail accounts there are randome = characters thrown in the text as well as the image URLs.
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Re: Emails to hotmail accounts formatting problems

Postby JacobN » 9:47pm, Mon 21 Jan, 2013

Hey Eazy,

That unfortunately would be really hard to troubleshoot without seeing the original content of the message itself. To my knowledge there shouldn't be anything that Hotmail is doing differently than other email providers that should be messing up standard formatting that works across all others providers.

If you could paste your entire raw message into something like and then provide that URL back here, I could take a look for you to see if anything sticks out that I can see that might be causing you issues.

- Jacob
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