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user auto unsubscribed

Postby blanik » 6:56pm, Tue 25 Mar, 2014

Version 2.10

I sent out an email, and a few users reported that they had been unsubscribed when they had not clicked the unsubscribe link.

I checked and the unsubscribe details and this was done in the early hours of the morning when the users would not be working, all within 15 minutes of the send. All the unsubscribes came from ip addresses associated with yet the users were all on different domains.

My sequence of events over the last 3 years or so was:-

Sent many long messages...all OK
Sent short message.x1...OK
Sent many long messages...all OK
Turned on click tracking
Sent many long messages ... all OK
Sent short message.x2 ...unwanted unsubscribes.

I can only presume that some kind of spam filtering system is opening the unsubscribe links in the e-mail. With a long message the unsubscribe link is so far down the message it is not checked, with a short message it is found.

I have turned off link tracking for the moment, as the x1 short message worked, but has anyone else had anything similar?
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