Problem with redirection online version

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Problem with redirection online version

Postby weeza9 » 1:34pm, Thu 24 Jul, 2014


We have a problem actually with Phplist :(

the miror link (online version) don't work...

we find this error:

string(146) http://[website]/nl0913/mperf/uid1fd2at78z.php?310ab7845=710&91D12ze=zfbzv5m7nqqtgii4lc24yeid5yk53iimn2kkdsv27os0h8idwq9cbegfygz7v9qh53d0ffe6038a4

[website] don't wanna change, we change all domain and website name in backoffice setting
(Website address and Domain Name in general setting) but the online version doesn't work...

But if i take a link and change [website] with my site name he work...

Some one havve a solution ?

FYI: we use subdomain (

Someone tell me to make this
$url = str_replace(strtolower('[website]'),$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'],$url);
$url = str_replace(strtolower('[domain]'),$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'],$url);

in lists/lt.php

this is a good idea ?
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