Sending Using Multiple SMTP Servers Simultaneously

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Re: Sending Using Multiple SMTP Servers Simultaneously

Postby Nym » 9:42pm, Sun 08 Feb, 2015

Hi there!
i am having a similar problem. I would like to "monitor" my smtp servers in order to understand a bit better what is going on. For example useful features could be:

- Utilisation of a server
- Status of a server
- Setting cap (hourly/daily/monthly) for each server

Any idea on what is the best way to achieve something like that?
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Re: Sending Using Multiple SMTP Servers Simultaneously

Postby billygk » 11:02am, Tue 28 Apr, 2015


I ran into a similar problem, I did have control over all smtps (postfix) and saw the exact same behaviour (only one was active).

I ended up letting the smtp's (postfix) handle queue and send.
I created some DNS A records so DNS would handle the balanced (round robin on each query) A x.x.x.1 A x.x.x.2 A x.x.x.3 A x.x.x.4

and added that FQDN in postfix config
relayhost =

You will also need to config each smtp (allowing relay of your server, also I changed queue size and time, etc). They are a lot of info on different ways to do this.

This worked for me.

Hope it helps
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