PHP My Admin snippet for bounce handling

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PHP My Admin snippet for bounce handling

Postby Mike_R » 9:46am, Wed 18 Jul, 2007

Having imported emails from our customer database (some of which were gathered 5 years ago) into PHP List, when my first message went out we ended up with a large quantity of bounces due to invalid emails. So I wrote the below SQL to extract user id, email and foreign key (for cross-referencing with our external DB).

Code: Select all
SELECT mb.user,, uu.foreignkey
FROM phplist_user_message_bounce AS mb, phplist_user_user AS uu
WHERE mb.message = '5'
AND mb.user =

If you want to use this on your own system you may want to remove the

Code: Select all
mb.message = '5' AND

as 5 is the message ID of the mailing that I was interested in.
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