URL link redirecttion problem

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URL link redirecttion problem

Postby Arup » 3:46am, Mon 29 Oct, 2007

i am currently developing a website in joomla named 22things(a community website). i have a problem.
when i logged on and browse different links.it works nicely. but when i log out from any link last visit, after log out it does not take me to home page.it stays on last visited page. and after log in again it starts from on that page.
But i need to return home page after log out,whatever link i last visit.
For your convenience i am adding url of my site:

You can check after register.

thanks for ur suggestion.no longer needed.
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Postby Dragonrider » 6:52am, Mon 29 Oct, 2007

Try the Joomla forum over at http://forum.joomla.org/

But as a clue, you can set the logout URL (IE: which page you return to after logging out, and in as well, in the login module properties in the admin back end.
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Provide full url with http

Postby adstiger » 6:24pm, Fri 04 Jan, 2008


I think you are not forwarding with full url, if you are using header example (location: /proxy/ ) then you must provide complete url like http://www.adguru.org/proxy

It may work on windows but on linux, complete url is required for forwarding.

I hope it helps.

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