Any interest in DKIM/Domain Keys

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Re: Any interest in DKIM/Domain Keys

Postby mrmckoy » 8:14am, Mon 10 Dec, 2012

I have to wonder what you guys are using for email clients. My site, is run on cpanel on top of CENTOS. That control panel has the lastest version of exim which includes DKIM and SPF authentication. I'm thinking that becuase these are standards most mail exchangers already have this function. In my case, all I had to do was enable authentication. That can be done through your control panel or via command line with your mail exchanger.

The mail exchanger signs all outgoing email at the time its sent. Therefore all phplist messages have DKIM & SPF records embedded at message creation.

Here's a list you can join temporarily to test. If you view the message headers you'll see they are authenticated. The list is the 'hot castings' list. ... id=4&id=12
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Re: Any interest in DKIM/Domain Keys

Postby pictona » 11:51am, Wed 20 Mar, 2013

I have followed the setup instructions in this topic and am now stuck with a message "cannot sign"

As far as I can see all the variables are being set. but this line is failing in dkim.php line 66
Code: Select all
if (openssl_sign($s, $signature, $open_SSL_priv))

I notice another person further up has the same issue but doesnt seem like it was ever answered.
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Re: Any interest in DKIM/Domain Keys

Postby pictona » 5:23pm, Wed 20 Mar, 2013

So i seem to have resolved my issue by re generating the keys as per this page

no idea why the unlocktheinbox one didnt work. All seems to be working fine now
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Re: Any interest in DKIM/Domain Keys

Postby tapan » 11:17am, Sat 04 May, 2013

hello everybody

My site developed in Php Mysql and using Godaddy Linux Shared hosting sends automated emails at the time of registration and forgot password issues.
When the mailed is received by subscribers the signed by field is empty. I have generated the DKIM public key and private key. Public key has been pasted in the DNS TEXT records and is working fine as tested by many online tools available. SPF records are working fine

But where to paste the Private key Or How to use it ?? Please help
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Re: Any interest in DKIM/Domain Keys

Postby Ange1Rob0t » 4:17pm, Thu 16 May, 2013

Thanks for the hint conley722. Text versions are fine but with HTML I get:

dkim=neutral (bad format) header.i=@...
Result: fail (wrong body hash: expected zYoElfy...)

I read that 7bit / quoted-printable should be used with DKIM, but you ruled 7bit out. What are you using now and is it working?

Edit: it seems no matter which encoding I use , I get wrong body hash for HTML messages :( Not only that, phplist -pprocessqueue won't run unless I revert back to the unmodified class.phpmailer.php.
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Re: Any interest in DKIM/Domain Keys

Postby Dragonrider » 7:51am, Fri 16 Aug, 2013

If you are using your own SMTP as your mail sender (which will reduce the number of emails classed as spam), most servers do seem to offer SPF somewhere on the cPanel, it just may be hidden from the normal view.

Try Email>Settings>SPF and you may find a very straightforward setup offered.

Alternatively, look for Domain Records>Edit and using Microsoft's FREE SPF Wizard, set up SPF for your domain.
Also for DomainKeys, look at Port25's Wizard.

This works on any version of phpList as it does NOT affect any phpList files as it works at the Server Level.
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